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Notify more frequently than once a day?

In below to place to write this, I have:

 Notify (my e-mail) daily of any new answers

The problem is: daily is a lot of time, why not instantly? If two or more answer happens for one question, I only will be notify one time, until I enter in the Stack Overflow, like same forums.

I don't like this system, I have to enter all time to see if my question was quickly answered (this is common). For old post, ok, one day isn't a lot time, but for a new question...

What do you thing?


Wow.. It was fast :P Well, I saw it was not a good post.. Anyway, now I know it... :)

Edit 2

Sorry for the noise (I search it before post, but didn't find that question)... In less than 10 minutes, I gain -5 and block my question! This is my personal record!!!

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Active participation is the goal. If you have to experience the horror of actively monitoring your own question, perfect! The system is working! – Anthony Pegram Jun 3 '11 at 13:55

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That might be a lot of emails. It is not worth it to spam users who want to be notified. If you want updates more often than a day login to SO and check.

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Like I say above, you can CHOSE it. An it is not for ALL question. If some thing is is causing a lot of new e-mail, turn it OFF. – Rodrigo Jun 3 '11 at 14:03

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