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Is it bad form to solicit upvotes from external sites for my community advert from people who are quite probably SO members?

I have an open source advert proposal on one site, and would like to spread to word to help it, there's another community I'm well respected/known in (poor them) who are likely to be SO members so is that ok?

I'm not advocating spamming, just well placed messages to get some support is all :) And just checking it's all considered to be OK.

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I can't see anything fundamentally wrong with this - the users need to somewhat active on one of the sites to have the privilege to vote, so you're not gaming the system in any way.

However, I would find it fitting if the community you do this in were somehow related to the project you want to advertise. Say, if you tell all your friends in the Zorgblorg community (Zorgblorg being a Open source project of some sort) to come vote for the Zorblorg SO ad, that is 100% okay.

If it's just some unrelated community you happen to be well known in, so users go vote just because their mate Tim asked them to, it would have a slightly unfair taste to it. Nobody can prohibit you from rallying support that way, but it would be nicer not to do it.

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