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  • Sometimes while on my office VPN, I am not able to access any of the Stack Exchange sites, while I am able to access everything else.

  • This happens once in a while, not everytime. When it happens, I try to open stackoverflow.com and the page does not load, instead times out after some time.

  • I tried to ask the IT group whether these group of sites was blocked, and it isn't so.

  • Sometimes reconnecting to VPN resolves the issue.

I am puzzled, and don't understand why this could happen.

Is there a series of diagnostics that I can try next time I see this behaviour to understand what is happening?

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Can you ping? Can you ping the IP (in case it is a DNS problem)? Can you run a traceroute or similar? – Time Traveling Bobby Oct 6 '11 at 13:44
Will check and post here the next time this happens. – Lazer Oct 6 '11 at 15:11

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