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High-rep users (not sure of the rep limit) can now see the mod flag queue (or at least some of it).

I was wondering if the flags were being presented in the same order that the diamond mods would also see those flags.

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It is not in the same order. In fact, it's a completely randomized order from the looks of it, for 10k users. If you refresh the page, it may change the positioning (took a few tries on here, which only has 2 flags so it's only a 50% chance of change).

I also compared it on Gaming against the mod listing, it does indeed appear to be independent.

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We explicitly randomize the order of the flags in tools/flagged. The moderator only queue is ordered by a - KFC like - secret spice, which ensures the most important ones are at the top.

For tools/flagged we wanted to get the largest amount of coverage, so we randomize. That also limits the lynching of the horrible posts a tiny bit.

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It would be nice to be able to sort them chronologically too. Lots of times I will check the flag tab and help with the one I feel are valid, but leave the rest alone. It would be nice to not have to sift through ones I've already visited if I go back to /flags looking for newer flags. – jjnguy Jun 8 '11 at 11:28

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