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I am a new user and I had no idea how many stackexchage sites existed. I wanted to ask a designing related question and I asked it on stackoverflow main website which later on I came to know was not the correct site to ask. Then I was given a link to all prevalent stackexchange site and so I asked my question on the Graphics and designing related site.

But because I asked it first on the wrong website somebody downvoted me. Now if I delete my question then will I be banned from asking questions as the question was downvoted. It might create an impression that I deleted it because it was downvoted. Also, why downvote somebody who already has agreed to delete the question from the wrong place and ask it on a correct place. I mean I lost my 2 reputation points because of that. Below is the url to my question, Text revolving around planet effect photoshop

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Thank you so much for the info. I tried doing that and it says that I can delete it after 2 days due to possible opening. I will try to delete after 2 days.. Thanks again for your reply.. – appuser Jun 9 '11 at 16:52
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It is ok to delete your own question if it gets closed. You can also get your 2 rep back if you do. Go to and click on the button at the end to trigger a reputation recalc after you delete your question.

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You can always flag the question for moderator attention, explain your case, and it will be solved if appropriate within seconds (depending on the site). solved meaning that a moderator can delete your question without having to wait 2 days.

Keep in mind that you won't get the reputation back immediately, but you can force a recalc by going to this url, and clicking "Trigger Reputation Recalc" at the bottom of the page.

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If you posted on the wrong site, you shouldn't be deleting your question. Flag it for moderator attention asking them to migrate it to the correct site for you.

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True, but sadly it was downvoted which means there is less incentive to do so. – NickC Jun 14 '11 at 18:22

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