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To Repro:

  1. Do a search with C++ included, but no results returned


  • The first suggestion indicates that the search term is "C someunknownterm" while the rest still include C++
  • The link in the first suggestion goes to the wrong search (Includes "C" instead of "C++")

Expected Result:

  • "C++" should be included in the text and link in the first suggestion
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The question is sort of wrong, as c++ should be used as a tag. wontfix because we will be auto-converting any search terms that are high-count tags, into tags.

So if you enter

c++ someunknownterm

we will convert it for you to

[c++] someunknownterm

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Ok, I wasn't aware of the search syntax for that. – Dana the Sane Jul 27 '09 at 2:33

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