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Sine a major goal of SO is to compile the best programming questions and answers on the internet, I'm wondering if there's more we can do to single out and/or correct cases where questions or answers contain exploitable code (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1180956/mysql-select-statement-group-by-unique which includes an sql injection vulnerability). I always try to point this out to authors, but I tend not to make edits so I don't change "the meaning" of the author.

One approach for this I though of was to create a special flag to be added to questions or answers noting that the included code or advice is unsafe. Alternatively, is it better to follow a hard "edit out" approach in these cases?

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(For those of us who don't have edit rights)

In the case of your example, I think answering with your own safe code and stating that it is also not vulnerable to SQL injection.

When the vulnerable code is in an answer, post the code in a new answer, and leave a comment pointing to it.

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It is probably better to just edit the code and leave a note that you were making it SQL injection safe. Mainly because if we added a flag, some people would ignore it. Better to just make the code safe and risk someone not knowing exactly what its doing.

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