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I noticed that a Blog link was added but it seems to only appear if you're not logged in.

What's the deal with that?

Blog Link

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A new feature has been pushed out to address this. Now, if there has been a new blog post within 24 hours (which triggers a "new" marker on the link), the blog link will be visible at the top even to logged in users. This will persist for the full 24 hours, after which the blog link will disappear from the top. It can still be accessed at all times from the footer.

Image of Gaming with the new Blog link even when logged in.

The answer to why the link isn't kept permanently at the top is found elsewhere on this site, but this question is not really a duplicate of that one. As such, I'll quote Jeff Atwood and add my own emphasis to the portion that addresses this.

We moved the blog link (with dynamic detection and highlighting of new posts) to the top of the page as well as the bottom; it's now mirrored in both places.


(At least for users who aren't logged in ... we have some space issues on the header.)

Simply put, between our vast badges and stuff and all of the other tools and gadgets you get as a registered user, the top bar is simply too cluttered to stick it up there at all times.

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My initial impression is that this is a very good addition - the Super User Blog has seen far more visitors on days with new posts since the addition of this feature. Making the link visible to logged in users was a good idea indeed. Thanks! :) – nhinkle Aug 8 '11 at 17:02

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