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Sometimes i come to the site to ask 2 or 3 question quickly, maybe edit a post or two, etc. Its not uncommon for a captcha to appear for me. in fact it often does (typically when i leave and need to finish a post and i take to long).

I like to request adding logic to not captcha me if i ask 2 quick question but to allow me 2 or 3 quick questions in the span of a 2 mins. Then display a captcha if i am trying to post an unreasonably much in the span of a few mins. I think 3 per 3 mins is fair and maybe 5 question every 15 mins should keep most spam away.

-back button- i just had a captcha come up now! and i didnt take long and i think i only posted 3 answers (superuser, on a one feature per post thread) in the last 15 mins!

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Seriously? You need to ask 3 questions in 3 minutes? Put some thought and effort into your questions. It should take at least a few minutes per question.

Captcha's are designed to prevent users from spamming, and they're doing their job. If 2-3 questions in 2-3 minutes isn't spam, then what is? 5 questions per minute? The cutoff has to be reasonable. A captcha takes only a few seconds to fill out, this shouldn't be a problem.

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easy. i may have two questions that are basic like is there a pair class in C# and how to iterator keys and get their value. Alternatively i can ask a question, google something, post and ask another based on what i googled. Or i could just have a similar question to one that i posted but still different enough to warrant another post. Besides capctha arent going to prevent a user from spamming, they will prevent bots from spamming and AFAIK SO have things to prevent bots from spamming (other then captcha on post). – acidzombie24 Jul 26 '09 at 2:00
Yup, you're completely right. I apologize. – Ian Elliott Jul 26 '09 at 2:15
: ) – acidzombie24 Jul 26 '09 at 3:22

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