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It occurs to me that I don't know whether you intend to support IE 7. But anyway, since FF is giving me problems today for unknown reasons, I am using IE 7.

My code blocks were showing an extra unneeded CR at the end, so I decided to try using the <code> and <pre> tags I've occasionally seen used instead of indenting. When I typed the opening <pre> tag, I got a javascript error on every keystroke until the closing tag was in place. I tried debugging in VS 2008 to tell you the exact line, but it could not display the code. The error message was non-descript.

Try it to see what I mean. If you have trouble replicating it on a different answer, here's the one I was editing.

Note: I have used Ctrl-F5 to attempt to reload any cached bad javascript, but it did not clear up the problem.

Update: I duplicated this problem on another IE7 machine, Ctrl-F5 did not clear it up. An IE8 machine did not have the problem. Firefox 4 does not have the problem.

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IE7 is only minimally supported, so this manual behavior resulting in an error is not something we'd spend a lot of engineering support on.

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Okay, good to know. Thanks. – ErikE Jun 13 '11 at 20:47

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