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In Optimizing for Pearls, Not Sand, Jeff says that:

We now limit users (and IP addresses) to a maximum of 6 questions per day and 50 questions per month.

Is this a per-site limit or a per-network limit? It seems quite possible that a single IP address could generate more good questions that this across the wide range of Stack Exchange sites that exist.

For example, when working (at home) I have two good questions about programming and database management, then when I'm not working I have questions about the meal I'm planning to make, how to best photograph that meal for the blog post I'm going to write, and then late at night I need clarification about the rules of a game I'm playing. During the day, I also have a good idea about how to improve traffic at the beta site I'm involved with, and trigger a bug that I would like to report.

This may seem like a bit of stretch now, but assuming the number of Area51 graduates continues to increase, it will become less and less of one.

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Your middle paragraph reads (in a good way!) like ad copy for the StackExchange network. – Josh Caswell Jun 14 '11 at 2:35
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The limit mentioned in the blog post is a per-site one.

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