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I'm trying to merge two users on Programmers.SE:

such that ID: 27800 is merged into ID 27674.

However, when running the merge, an exception is thrown and the merge is not completed:

Merge encountered an exception when merging User.Id = 27800 into master User.Id = 27674 ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.UserHistory' with unique index 'UserHistory_UserId_CreationDay_Filtered_Unique'.

I can provide the full stack trace upon request.

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This has already been fixed in the code. After next build blah blah. (:

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Your backwards smilies cause me to throw a parsing exception...can you fix that in the next build? – user7116 Jun 15 '11 at 1:52
@sixlettervariables, [status-bydesign] q: – Rebecca Chernoff Jun 15 '11 at 2:02
[status-brain-esplode] – user7116 Jun 15 '11 at 2:15

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