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Area 51 has a mechanism for making sure that dubious questions are not counted among the five good off-topic questions: they need four times as many off-topic votes as on-topic votes. There should also be such a mechanism to avoid counting questions with many "not a good example" votes.

As an example, one of the off-topic questions for Bioinformatics is "What is the meaning of life?", with 24 off-topic votes and 14 bad-example votes. It should not count due to the disagreement.

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I'd say that for every "not a good example" vote the question should require one more "good example" to be considered. – sth Jun 15 '11 at 10:55
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Now, for a question to be considered on/off-topic, it also needs at least four times as many on/off-topic votes as not-a-good-example votes.

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