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Actually, a couple of questions.

  • How do I suggest that tags be combined? For example, it seems to me that iPhone, iOS and iOS4 are all the same tag. (Sure, iOS4 might be 4-specific questions, but it's not clear that people use them that way, and 5 is due out soon and, a year from now, it'll be 6, 7, 8...)

  • I don't think I have the privilege yet but, regardless, once I do, are there guidelines for when to combine/not-combine tags? Is it just my personal sense of what makes sense, or are there "community standards" and guidelines about when to/not-to combine?


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Post a list and let the community debate it. Sometimes synonym links will be created. – staticx Jun 15 '11 at 17:54

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If you have enough reputation within a tag that would become the parent of your proposed tag synonym, then you can suggest the tag synonym yourself. As far as combining tags, only moderators can do that automatically. Those with enough privilege can manually retag questions to a new tag if it is deemed appropriate.

Otherwise, simply post a post here explaining your reasoning and then the community/moderators will come to a decision.

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