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Although the iOS 5 SDK is still under NDA, automatic reference counting has been publicly announced and the LLVM Web site has public information about it.

However, the NDA police is still downvoting and closing questions about ARC as being off-topic, such as this one.

Would you please vote to reopen it?

The question has been reopened; thanks!

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Yes I would. It is has now been reopened.

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Personally, I think, that question can be aligned with the following from the FAQ to be deemed off-topic, anyway:

there is no actual problem to be solved

Maybe if you asked for something more specific. Again, from the FAQ, the first point of a question ought to be:

a specific programming problem

'Wondering exactly how it works' could be considered too broad. Now that is has been reopened, I would provide some specificity, if I were you.

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I’ve found an interesting answer by Robert Harvey that’s a counterpoint to your reasoning. Also, Stack Overflow’s FAQ states that a ‘I would like others to explain ______ to me’ question is OK if it’s not a discussion/subjective question. – Bavarious Oct 26 '11 at 10:18

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