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Where do tag excerpts get stored? The tag-wiki is stored in the posts table--we know this. I imagine the excerpt column is stored in the tags table, but the data-dump does not reflect this, and if it is true it would raise another question.

This is of interest because of the way post history is tracked. Because the tag-wiki is treated as a post, it's history (in the postHistory table) can be referenced using the postId column. This may not seem important, but...

The excerpt history is also tracked. And since the excerpt does not live in the posts table, the postId can not be used as a reference. So how is it referenced?

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After digging around the data-dump, I found that excerpts are also stored in the posts table under postTypeId of 4. This still does not explain how a tag-wiki can be referenced by the tag itself. There has to be a tagId column in the posts table that's not visible in the data-dump. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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I can confirm we have a TagWikiExcerptPostId and TagWikiPostId in our Tag table ... if that helps – waffles Jun 21 '11 at 4:07
@waffles, thank you very much. It's hard to remember some times that the data-dump does not represent the full picture. – Mohamad Jun 21 '11 at 4:13

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