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While perusing the data in the latest data dump, I noticed a strange tag, namely "side". I thought, this tag is very odd, what possible meaning could it have. Turns out that all the posts tagged "side" were also tagged with "client" or "server", or a couple "scroller". I've since fixed them all, but would it be possible to create a feature that if somebody tagged something "client" and "side" to automatically correct that as "client-side". I'm now sure how feasible it would be to search all the compound-word tags and figure out if any of them applied to the tags the user typed in. It seems like it should be do-able for the most part. I'm not sure how many people this would help out, but as a reference point, there's 133 posts that are tagged "web" and "services" and there is also a "web-services" tag with 11619 posts. Most (all?) of the 133 posts with both tags probably belong under the web-services tag. Not something that's seriously needed, but may help to keep the tags a little neater and more accurate.

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Sadly, most of the ability to do this went out the window when tags were auto-ordered by popularity. I was pretty upset about that change for this very reason, but I do like the benefits of the ordering as well. – Jon Seigel Jun 23 '11 at 3:05

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