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seems to add no value. It should be removed completely.

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There are a lot of high voted questions with this specific tag. Many of them are actually about the if-statement, in many different programming languages.

Sure, improper use of this tag adds no value to a question (as with all tags), but that is not a reason to completely remove the tag.

Users seeking answers for if-statements can filter the questions on this tag, etc. In short it's a valid tag.

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Just because high voted questions use the tag does not say much. I'm sure development had high voted questions too before it was removed. – Billy ONeal Jun 24 '11 at 1:38
@BillyONeal: I agree that high vote questions is not a good argument here, but I think that Many of them are actually about the if-statement(itself) is a very good point, even so, It might be true that it is used inappropriately many/most of the times, but I have actually found it helpful when for example learning a new language or whatever, specially as @NGLN well says in combination with other tags – Trufa Jun 24 '11 at 2:11

Maybe it refers to questions involving IF statements?

It allows the ability to search for questions specific to that type of statement, though I only think it's really useful for beginner and canonical questions.

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if(post.Text.Contains("if statement") && 
   post.PostType == PostTypes.Question && 
   !post.Tags.Contains("if-statement") &&
   Settings.ScrewItUseMagicStrings == 1)
  post.Tags += " <if-statement>";
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