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The mod button in the top bar for moderators goes to /admin, which shows the history tab of the moderator tools. But I use that tab, well, let's say almost never (in fact, I wonder why it's there. I guess it might be useful for SE staff to watch over the moderators, but what use am I, as a moderator, supposed to make of it?).

I would like the mod button, and preferably /admin as well, go to a more useful tab. The tab I want to get quickly to is the flags, but there's already the number in a circle for that. Next in line is the links tab.

So, please make /admin redirect to /admin/links, and move the history to /admin/history.

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I agree; if I click on the moderator button is not to see when other moderators took actions. The links page is probably a better choice, if it's not possible to go to the last visualized page. – kiamlaluno Jun 25 '11 at 16:57

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