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In looking at this question, I noticed that the affable Jon Skeet had gotten a gold badge here at Meta sometime in the last day (since he didn't have it yesterday). I looked in his profile, and it was a Great Answer badge for his Jon Skeet Facts answer (well deserved, btw--hilarious thread). However, he still has five Great Answer badges at SO, but only four answers that actually qualify anymore.

Should badges be doubly awarded upon migration?

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This is intentional. The reason is that badges, especially those awarded for migrated answers, will result in a net loss of a badge on StackOverflow, so Jeff has configured the migration system to migrate votes (and the badges).

Strictly speaking, you won't ever lose a badge on StackOverflow, but I consider it a net loss because you won't earn your next badge of that type. So if you had a gold badge for a 100+ score answer on SO, you'd still retain it (and gain it here once its migrated) but you wouldn't earn another badge for the next 100+ point answer.

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Brilliant, thank yas. Didn't realize the part about foregoing your next badge. – Eric Jul 25 '09 at 19:22

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