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A colleague has just bought me a London DevDays ticket - woohoo! - but he needed my SO account URL to sign me up.

Obviously I don't object to linking my ticket to my account here but I'm curious what you're going to do with that. Are you planning to

  • print my rep / badges / global flair on my pass?
  • print my gravatar on my pass?
  • print different colour passes for different levels of rep?
  • something else?

i.e. do I need to make sure I hit 10K before November, or some sooner cut-off when you print the badges (when?), and get an up-to-date photo for my gravatar, etc.? Thanks!

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They use it to sign you up for a Chutney's of the World account. Enjoy. – user7116 Jun 28 '11 at 12:26
@sixlettervariables Excellent! My brother gave me a cheese and port hamper for Christmas and the chutney in it was really good. I look forward to more. – Rup Jun 28 '11 at 12:54
Spotted today: sidebar ad offering me a discount for being a 5K+ user, so it could be to confirm the discount and not just e.g. a friend emailing me the code. (But I know of some sites that deliberately let you get away with that sort of thing - it's new business after all.) – Rup Jul 13 '11 at 18:24
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A few reasons. Like you pointed out - its helpful to confirm the "high rep" discount. Plus, we'd like to do a really awesome badge design including the SO profile.

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