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As some people (such as me) have problems logging into chat seamlessly, even when passing the diagnostic test (login data seems to old). This is especially annoying when I am on another computer and can't remember the link for logging in manually. So, I recommend that:
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the button from http://{your stackexchange}/users/chat-stackexchange-login is accessible easily from the login page. This would definitely help a sizable number of users, and save a lot of time.

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The "login data too old" message tells you to fully log out of a SE site and log back in. Just logging in isn't good because that isn't actually refreshing the global-auth data. You can do this using the regular log-in and log-out links on any of the sites. You don't need to remember a special link.

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On multiple occasions I've been logged out of the chat and no amount of logging in and out on SE sites will log me back in. I realize that ideally stuff like that won't happen, but it would be nice to have the ability to log directly into chat as a backup. –  Kyle Cronin Jun 28 '11 at 16:41
@Rebecca I noticed today that I wasn't being auto-signed-in to chat when I still had a US-based VPN connection active (I'm "normally" in Canada :)). SE sites worked fine, but even after logging out and back in, chat wouldn't sign me in. It worked fine without another logout/login after I disconnected from the VPN. Dunno if this is worth opening a new question for, but I can if needed. I just thought I'd bring this up since it might be related to login issues Kyle's describing too. –  Anna Lear Aug 3 '11 at 1:29
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