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I have a few tag synonym suggestions:




And a question, why are some of the tags 'moderator' and a few of the tags 'moderation'?


-> ?

e.g. Should there be a ??

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Fair Use and Copyright are not the same thing. Fair Use is an aspect of Copyright. – Robert Harvey Jun 30 '11 at 4:53
Moderator-tools exist because that's what it's called. Moderation-history exists because that's what it is called. – Robert Harvey Jun 30 '11 at 4:55
I see. I am not a mod. Just trying to clean up the tags a bit. Please answer @Robert and I'll accept. – M. Tibbits Jun 30 '11 at 4:57

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random made a synonym of , and a synonym of .
As said by Robert Harvey, fair use and copyright have two different meanings, and making a synonym of doesn't make sense; is used because Moderation history is the name used in the user interface (as far as I remember, from my experience as pro-tempore moderator).

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