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OK, I hope this is not the one million and first question about this problem :) I didn't find any similar question.

I have a Stack Exchange account, and when I try to sign in to it, Firefox doesn't suggest saving my account and password. It seems is because of that log in the page's properties.

Is there any solution?

Edit: It works correctly with other sites, and I am logged in while have not deleted the cookies, but when I delete the cookies and try to log in, there is no suggestion because Firefox has not saved anything.

Briefly when I enter my username and password, I want my browser to ask me "Remember this account?" like other sites do.

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Doesn't the site remember your login through cookies + HTML 5 local storage? Any idea what's wrong with the form - any other pages not work for you? – Rup Jun 30 '11 at 14:15
@Rup: I edited it :) – 4A4F43 Jun 30 '11 at 17:12

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Auto complete is disabled on StackID forms. You can find the relevant code here.

This is a workaround for browsers not exposing a way to detect when a field has been auto-completed. This tends to smash our field overlays, greatly confusing users.

I'm field testing a (really unpleasant) work around for this auto-complete nonsense browsers have. All major browsers should now offer to save credentials entered into Stack Exchange sites.

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