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What are “Community Wiki” posts?

  1. Every question I ask offers me the chance to designate it "community wiki". I do not because I don't know what "community wiki" is.

  2. I see that there is lots of discussion on whether "community wiki" should exist, and if so, how to use it properly. I do not want to get into that discussion.

I would like to know what the official (if hotly argued) explanation of "commmunity wiki" is. Is there a link to it somewhere?

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Here is the Community Wiki FAQ. When looking for overviews like this try searching MSO with [faq] as a search term :) – Rory Apr 8 '12 at 14:47

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As with many things in SO, the mouseover tooltip explains...

Community owned posts do not generate any reputation for the owner, have a lower reputation barrier for collaborative editing, and show only a revision history instead of a signature block.

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That gives me 3 rules about, or attributes of community-owned posts. I can infer that the union of all community-owned posts is the community wiki. But that does not explain what the community wiki is -- what its originally declared purpose was or is. – Tom Harris Jul 28 '09 at 11:32

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