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I saw testing the method given as the changelog entry for an anonymous edit suggestion that was pretty poor. I saw testing the method given as the changelog entry for a different poor edit suggestion within the last few days.

The coincidence seems unlikely.

Is this an eccentric anonymous user with a penchant for a funny phrase?
Is this a bot looking to see how closely we're paying attention?

I tried my luck at but managed to fail.

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The data site is only updated periodically; the last update was June 6, so the edit suggestions you're talking about wouldn't be in there. I'm also not sure if rejected suggestions show up there. I don't see a type for suggestions; it's probably only approved suggestions that've actually become edits.

As for the edit, it's probably the same user, but two suggestions isn't exactly a lot; this was posted a couple hours after you: Suggested Edits add "Thanks in Advance". This case is just a user who doesn't understand the purpose of edits. There's a feature request for leaving feedback about rejected edits, but for the moment there isn't much you can do (especially since the submitter is anonymous).

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