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A question can only have a max of 5 tags. Does it make sense to always go by "the more tags the better" even when some of chosen tags are:

  • barely related to the subject;
  • extremely detailed
  • very unpopular (0 followers).
  • and question already has 1 or more tags which describe it well?

I'm talking about situations when question has 1 or more well-suited tags, and the rest don't have a real purpose (in my opinion).


Fixed panels while scrolling on a centered design This css related question has fixed tag. Should this tag be removed from the question? Technically, a tag could be created for each css attribute, each php function... See where I'm going?

Another example would be mysql_real_escape_string tag for php/mysql related question.

error tag. How can this tag be useful? It doesn't tell anything.

css3-transitions-not-working-on-button css-transitions tag used here. Should it be kept or removed?

In all situations mentioned above, I would opt for removing the bolded tag. But maybe my understanding of tagging questions is wrong.

I found a similar question (should-imprecise-tags-be-removed), but it's not as detailed as I'd wish.

Shed some light/share your thoughts :)

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AAAAAAA! mysql-real-escape-string is a real thing!? For Pete's sake. – Charles Jul 1 '11 at 20:05
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Improper tagging usually falls under:

  1. Unnecessary, extraneous tags (like on the MySQL question).
  2. Improper tag due to shared nomenclature (your example or on a WPF question).
  3. "Meta" tags.

Extraneous tags should be removed, improper tags should be removed, and "meta" tags should be removed.

Now in the case of , it may be worthwhile letting it ride to see if enough questions pop up regarding CSS Transitions.

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Why should 'Extraneous' tags be removed? If they are not relevant, its understandable, but if they are relevant... (This also depends on the varying opinion of which tags are extraneous...) – Wilf Jul 22 '14 at 14:36

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