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edit/update: I haven't doen any further research on this topic, but this question is still open in my mind...

I hope I'm talking from a perspective of many people who might be interested on careers and are not looking for jobs just within their own home countries. Because I believe the biggest audience for the site actually lives in sub-developed countries and are trying to reach out, like I am.

I'm not even by a far catch anywhere close to the best programmers out there. I don't have a woopie reputation on the StackExchangeNetwork and probably never will. But I believe I still have some value.

Am I (statistically) wasting my time by trying to find a job out of my country? In other words, is there a sufficient number of employers in careers website willing to outsource people so there will be a chance for others like me, the non-top-notch folks?

Because my feeling is that yes, I'm wasting my time and no, not on careers and not anywhere else.

So far, without actively looking for it, I've found just 11 success stories. And 9 of 'em seem to be from within USA, 1 from Germany and 1 from Netherlands. I wouldn't even be surprised seeing something from BRIC, but I still got none. Yeah, that's just a loose parameter for my question, unless it had at least about 64 stories from poorer countries, but it is something and it does agree with my fear.

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