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I come across questions that I find interesting and would like to find out later what the answer was. My attention span is not very long, so if someone will answer it, say within a minute, I may learn the answer, otherwise, the question is lost in the long stream of questions.

Is there a way to note these questions, get an email digest or smth else, where I can find what others said. I mean, I could do this with bookmarks, or with "Taboo" (FF plugin), but visiting a question later doesn't guarantee an answer has been posted.

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We sure get a lot of questions from people who apparently have never noticed the "favorite" feature or wondered what that star is doing under the vote arrows. Maybe we need to bring back those unicorns‌​, this time on the stars. – Cody Gray Jul 4 '11 at 9:16
:) I thought, the favorite feature was for labeling a really good question, a sort of "kudos" to the author. Now I know it isn't. Maybe, the terminology could match the word "bookmark" because one would be more familiar with firefox's star for bookmarks (aka favorites). – Candide Jul 4 '11 at 12:15
Yeah, I saw it suggested by someone the other day that "favorite" be changed to "bookmark". IE uses them as synonyms, but it looks like this feature is not discoverable to a lot of people. That seems to merit it some attention by devs, at least. – Cody Gray Jul 4 '11 at 12:16
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You can mark it as a Favourite by clicking the star under the vote buttons. I believe you will get a notification when questions are updated.

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Hmmm, just tried it and I wasn't notified, but it did show in my favorites list, so I guess I can check there for the answer. Thanks. – Candide Jul 3 '11 at 19:42
@Roland You're welcome. – TLP Jul 3 '11 at 19:47

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