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If you mean, as a synonym, I'd say yes — but the other way around: Make dry a synonym that converts to code-duplication. DRY is all the rage right now (and has been used more than the other), but if you don't know it, you're not going to guess it or immediately understand why it's shown up instead of what you typed; code-duplication and its current synonym duplicate-code are much more guessable and accessible. dry converting to code-duplication isn't going to confuse anyone, as they know what DRY is. Should probably throw redundant-code (9 uses) in there as well.

(Is DRY really limited to "code," though? Probably, if we take a sufficiently high-level view of what "code" is; these things are fuzzy.)

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I'm inclined to agree. Let's see where the votes go with this answer. –  Robert Harvey Jul 5 '11 at 20:56
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