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I was reading What are the pros and cons of error handling at beginning vs. end of the method on StackOverflow and I was wondering if this question is better fitted for Programmers SE. I looked it up here and found What's the difference between Stack Overflow and Programmers SE?. But, that really doesn't have much to do with best practices for programming and where they belong.

So, my question is do best practices questions, like the previous one, belong on StackOverflow or Programmers SE?

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Speaking as a Programmers moderator... yes, the linked question would be on topic for Programmers.

A more up-to-date and recent answer to "What's the difference between Programmers and SO?" can be found here on Programmers Meta.

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The Stack Overflow question you linked is borderline "off-topic" because it somewhat solicits opinions and is subjective/argumentative. However, it's got a specific example in it to frame the conversation and it's certainly targeted at the programming audience, so it's not "off-topic enough" to really justify closing/migration, in my opinion.

That said, that sort of question is exactly what goes on Programmers and would be very much on-topic there.

The Stack Exchange sites aren't all mutually exclusive and this is one case where there's a little bit of overlap for a question that is worded in a specific manner. If the question were more general and just asked what the best practices were without a specific example, I'd say it would be a prime candidate for migration.

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