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At least two people have encountered a display bug with inline edits. After the editor presses the Submit button, the edit form remains on the editor's screen, and the three-dot "work in progress" icon continues flashing indefinitely. However, the edit does actually get saved in the system, and is visible to other users. This was initially reported in chat:

T: Anyone want to give a go at re-titling [this post]? There are too many questions there for me to come up with something sensible.


P: I attempted to submit "How does rep increase and get displayed? Why should I register, and can I keep earned rep if I do?" but it's not going through.

T: It did go through

P: But the real answer is to tell the user "don't ask multiple questions in one post."

T: Interestingly enough, I also had that problem (where it just hung there).

P: Interesting indeed, I'm still seeing the three-dot "loading" icon thingy and the edit box.

T: Yeah, I think there might be a bit of an issue.

This was marked yesterday, but the fix is incomplete. I just inline-edited this question one minute ago, and did not see my changes take effect after I hit Save Edits. Unlike before, the edit form did go away, and the three-dot "working" icon did not stay on the screen. A standard page refresh solved the problem.

EDIT 2, 15 seconds after submitting edit 1:
When I submitted edit 1, the new content loaded immediately.

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I thought it was just my system. – Lance Roberts Jul 11 '11 at 16:51
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Apparently jQuery parses the \r\n linefeed between #question and #question-status (since that question was migrated) in the response as a text node, which causes an exception when .hide() is invoked on the jQuery set in the success handler for the edit submission.

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I trust you, but would appreciate it if you could tell me how to independently check this, just for my own general fund of knowledge. – Pops Jul 11 '11 at 16:45
@PopularDemand: If you take my word for it: He's right :) – balpha Jul 11 '11 at 16:50
@balpha, again, it's not about him being right or wrong; it's about me learning how to debug. I am well aware of Tim's SE-debugging prowess. – Pops Jul 11 '11 at 16:52
Link for my own reference – Pops Jul 11 '11 at 17:03

There are 2 issues here already fixed for the next deploy:

  • posts that have been closed error as you say
  • editing on some mobile devices gives a 404

and probably a few others. These are all fixed pending deployment.

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