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I tried to log in to the Data Explorer site, but when I click on the icon for the OpenID provider, I don't see the form field to enter the username.


The screenshot shows what I see after I click on the ClickPass icon.

I then entered the URL, which was auto-completed by the browser, but I don't get the right account, as the account shows jon.doe6347 and I was not advised I was creating a new account.

The OpenID I entered is the correct one, as it is visible in the other accounts I have on SE sites. I tried logging in with my other OpenID provider, but all I got is to be logged in as jon.doe6348, even though I used the correct URL.

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It has been fixed, now. I tried right 5 minutes ago, and I could log in using Safari 5.1 on Mac OS X 10.7.



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