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Context: the /admin/history/$userid page shows a history of moderator actions (closures, deletions, handled flags, etc.). This is relevant to ♦ only.

The history of moderator actions includes “Moderator deletes flag votes” entries. As far as I understand, these are recorded when we clear a flag explicitly (marking it as valid or invalid), as opposed to the flag disappearing because we closed or deleted or commented on the flagged post.

  • When a flag is cleared automatically, please record it in the moderator history. (e.g. “Added Comment, Post Closed, flags cleared”)
  • When a flag is cleared manually, please add a link to it. (The post ID actually appears when I hover the mouse over (n/a)… It took me a while to notice!)

obligatory pic, 100% hand-drawn circles this time!

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The history listing and the linkage in it has been improved to handle this.

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