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While commenting on a question, I entered a hyperlink within the comment text box and tried to make it bold using the syntax that I have always seen in the answer text box. One of the scenarios didn't work. Please find the details below.

Section #1: Entered the double asterisk around the link text in the comment text box.

Section #2: The asterisks rendered as part of the comments text without making the text bold.

Section #3: Entered the double asterisk around the link text as well as the URL in the comment text box.

Section #4: Surrounding both the link text and the url worked as I expected it to work.

Section #5: However, in the Answer text box both the above mentioned inputs work correctly.

Is this a bug or is it working by design?


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The rules for bold and italic are stricter in comments; this is by design to prevent false positives.

Remember that comments are a stricter subset of markdown, what we call "mini-markdown". See


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These two have been behaving identically ever since I made this change.

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