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I'm really confused on this. I have no idea on several things:

  • When do elections begin?
  • Is there a set time each year?
  • Do elections actually take place each year?
  • Can I vote?
  • Where do I vote?


Can someone please help me?

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Why do we need another faq for this? Isn't this enough? /cc @animuson – Shadow Wizard Jan 8 '14 at 9:09

When do elections take place?

The community team periodically looks at the work load on graduated sites and will reach out to the moderation team if it looks like more help might be needed. Broadly, it's up to the moderation teams to indicate whether they need additional hands, and how many sets of hands would be ideal.

Although we'll reach out to moderators on the anniversary of their last election, just to see how they're doing, elections do not always take place at the same time every year. Sometimes a year can even go by without any election at all. Most elections are scheduled as a result of moderators reaching out to Stack Exchange to ask for additional help.

On beta sites, which do not have elections, Stack Exchange will appoint additional pro-tem moderators if additional help is needed.

How and where do I vote?

Please refer to the other FAQ about the election process:

There's an election going on. What's happening and how does it work?

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