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Is it possible to include the tag-wiki associations in the Data Explorer? To do this would require two additional columns in the postTags table that associate a tag wiki excerpt and a tag wiki to their tag.

The tag wiki data is already available in the posts table. But there is no way to associate this data with its tags. The SEDE schema lacks the required columns to link the tag excerpt and the tag wiki to the tags table.

Additionally, the postTypes table only lists three posts types. It makes no mention of tag-wiki and tag excerpt posts. Perhaps the postypes table can be updated to reflect the additional post types?

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This would actually go in the Tags table directly, since there's only ever a single wiki and wiki excerpt for each tag. – Jon Seigel Jul 25 '11 at 17:11
@Jon, good point. I confused myself. – Mohamad Jul 25 '11 at 22:11
This is about Data Explorer and not about downloadable data dump file – Juha Syrjälä Apr 13 '13 at 17:43

This was added at some point:

Tags table

  • ExcerptPostId int
  • WikiPostId int

The PostTypes table lists all exported post types as well.


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