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This answer edit that I just made looks a little bit funky in the revision history:

Nice tag there bro

The edit just went from

there is also a [tag:lucene-compass] tag for ...


there is a separate tag for ...

So I'm not sure what would be causing it, since it seems like a pretty straightforward change.

For reference, I'm seeing this in both FF5 and Chrome latest on Windows XP (yes, I know...)

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This is yet another case of the more general problems we have with the revision diffs. It does the exact same thing with links, code blocks, bold/italics, etc. – Cody Gray Jul 26 '11 at 15:30
@Cody those are all revision history formatting bugs but not the same as this as this has to do with [tag:] syntax. Potentially related, though. – Daniel DiPaolo Jul 26 '11 at 15:33
Definitely related. It's doing exactly the same thing: applying the special formatting to the entire rest of the post. There's nothing special about the fact that it's a tag. This has been documented for all kinds of other formatting types. Not sure what the hold-up has been on fixing it, though. I guess it's because we use a third-party tool for diffs, rather than something coded up in-house. – Cody Gray Jul 26 '11 at 15:34
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We have improved the revision diff algorithm. We're currently testing it here on Meta (it will go out to the other sites once we're certain there are no problems), and you can see that the diff now looks correct.

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The wonky revision history is echoed in the html:

</a></div><a href="" class="post-tag" title="show questions tagged 'lucene-compass'" rel="tag">
<table width="100%">
        <td style="vertical-align: top; width: 800px;" align="left">

                    </a></div><a href="" class="post-tag" title="show questions tagged 'lucene-compass'" rel="tag">

So I don't think this is a browser specific bug. I believe this is a bug with the diff engine.

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