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I code for fun, and to expand my skills as a coder, i like to understand how things work(or how to make them do cool things).

I don't work professionally with WordPress or code, but i enjoy the time i have spare writing code for WordPress, it gives me a good excuse to keep polishing my PHP abilities, which has only really taken off over the last few years(and i'm still working on it).

I'm a code hacker if you asked me to describe myself, i just like building/hacking things because it's great fun...(mostly)..

Outside of coding i have interests in lots of things, some of which include, Philosophy, Psychology, Techonology, People, Music, Movies... (and the list goes on).

Not much more to be said.. except..

  • Did i help you out at some point?
  • Want to offer something back?

No need, just pay it forward!..