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My first computer was a Sinclair zx81 ~1981, and I've been hooked ever since.

Graduated from Sheffield City Polytechnic in 1990 with B/TEC HND in Computer Science, and proud of it!

Am a pragmatic developer - who believes that as long as it's working and the users like it/are happy, then it's good enough! I've been working "Agile Development" before it had that name, developed Object Orientated COBOL code on a Mainframe (1993) and written an XML parser, in COBOL, on an AS/400, because management would pay for JAVA on the box (1997). And yes, it was so SLOW!!! But, management were happy and the system was a success!.

Am old enough and ugly enough to recognise the cyclical (marketing driven) nature of selling software that all it can ever do is changes a 1 to a 0 and vice versa. And that what modern marketers call "cloud computing" is just a Computer bureau from the 1960/70s with Moors Law applied.

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