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Freelance software developer in the US, specializing in embedded and distributed systems, intelligence and defense domains, and smartphone apps.

You can reach me at: natron-alias at hot mail, but please do not email me asking to privately answer your question for free. Just post it online.

First Stack Overflow user to earn an iOS, BlackBerry and Android badge ...
... and the 13th to hold iOS+Android

First user to earn a Jailbreak (iOS) badge

4th to the silver BlackBerry badge and 95th to the silver iOS badge.

Sorry, but I don't do chat. Software development is a knowledge exercise, that requires concentration, and a lack of interruptions, to do well. Chat forces constant context-switching, and loss of efficiency as a result of these interruptions. I post on Stack Overflow in my free time, when I've already been interrupted for other reasons, but I can't spare the time to hang around in chat rooms. Thanks for your understanding.

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