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I'm a software developer who has been involved in many different areas of programming but never yet specialized in anything. I started my career as a low-level embedded C/assembly language programmer and hardware designer (VHDL, LogicWorks, etc.). I progressed from there to get a taste of distributed systems programming using C++, Python, and CORBA as the middleware. Building a financial database from scratch for a department of Lockheed Martin was my introduction to database programming. I then spent a year building device wrappers and desktop applications written in C# 2010 .NET, Visual C++, COM, the Win32 API, and Visual Basic 6.0. At my last role, I worked as a source code and database analyst for identifying the root causes of bugs in applications written in Java, Visual Basic 6.0, GCC C++, and Oracle. I now work as a Ruby on Rails developer for industrial healthcare applications and am experimenting on my own time with Elm and Yesod, as my key interest of late is in Haskell and functional programming for real world applications.

My feeling is that I have finally landed on something I find truly elegant and beautiful with Haskell, and I'm looking forward to applying the lessons I learn from this language in other languages and programming projects that may not use languages that directly encourage a functional programming style in their syntax.