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Hey man
Do you like XML?

Fuck yeah you do.

  • Holy shit all of those tags and elements and attributes and comments are all nodes. It's like a motherfucking clusterfuck of polymorphism invading your configuration files goddamn!
  • This shit is hierarchical. That is a fucking hard word to spell WHAT THE FUCK was James T Kirk thinking when he told Gandalf to make that shit up?
  • Are you gonna use a lame-ass specification like YAML or JSON (Jeff's Stupid Object Notation)? Fuck no, you want XML shit yes!
  • I hear they used XML to specify a language for specifying XML or some shit. That doesn't make any fucking sense!
  • Next you're gonna shit down my ear canal with some bullshit story like they made a programming language capable of converting one XML file to another XML file in XML!? You know what? You can fucking die.
  • XML just shits all over regular expressions like it's Deep Blue teabagging Cthulhu.
  • Dear motherfucking shit it's so verbose that it even makes Welbog write a big thing about it in his profile and only the best shit makes it into his profile because Bill said so goddamn

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