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Top new questions this week:

The new icon on the topbar on doesn't have a dropdown menu

On, there seems to be a new icon on the topbar: From the image above, you can see that I've clicked on the (rightmost) icon, but there doesn't appear to be any dropdown menu ...

bug status-completed top-bar  
asked by Justin Score of 33
answered by Dion Williams Score of 10

Is the Texas anti-censoring law a concern for SE sites?

Texas has recently passed a bill that allows users to sue social media sites for "censoring" their content. To quote CNN: Texas’s law makes it illegal for any social media platform with 50 ...

discussion status-review legal  
asked by Mithical Score of 29
answered by Machavity Score of 12

Possible loophole in system found by eccentric user behaviour

Not long ago here on main meta, a user posted a question, a rudimentary one which attracted a downvote almost immediately. Their response was almost as quick; they deleted their account. Subsequently, ...

discussion user-accounts account-suspension deleted-accounts gaming-the-system  
asked by Little Pickle. Score of 18

Tags in chat messages unsupported in parentless room

In Charcoal HQ I am unable to use [tag:random-string] in a chat message, while this works fine in other rooms. I was told informally that this is because the room doesn't have a parent site, and thus ...

feature-request tags chat  
asked by tripleee Score of 16

Can you help Stack Exchange find the missing election?

There is an oddity we encountered during development of the ElectionBot that might or might not be by-design. Normally, elections are numbered sequentially, and thus we assumed this is a reliable ...

support election  
asked by Oleg Valter is with Ukraine Score of 16
answered by Laurel Score of 9

Markdown rendering anomaly in the Help Center on SO

On Stack Overflow the privileges for a trusted user page in the Help Center currently shows the following minor rendering anomaly: ##Deleting answers ###When should I vote to delete an answer? As ...

bug status-completed markdown help-center  
asked by RobC Score of 12
answered by animuson Score of 8

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Edit Rate Limit

Due to a recent change in how grace period edits work, users without the "remove new user restrictions" privilege can no longer take advantage of the grace period — all their edits now ...

feature-request edits grace-period  
asked by Oleg Valter is with Ukraine Score of 11
answered by Shog9 Score of 8

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do the top contributors to Stack Overflow have profit sharing with the owners of Stack Overflow? If not, why?

Why be politically correct? Stack Overflow is the top Q&A site for programmers as of present. And members answer questions just for the love and passion of knowledge without any expectation as ...

discussion feature-request stack-overflow ownership contribution  
asked by Thokchom Score of 15
answered by Tim Post Score of 41

Part 2: Line numbers for code blocks. How about a toggle feature?

Please note: I considered posting this as an answer to the initial thread, but I feel that this question warrants its own, targeted answer set. There's also a follow-up tag, so I figure I'm above the ...

discussion feature-request  
asked by Wolfpack'08 Score of 7
answered by slhck Score of 7

Automated welcome message from the moderators when you join a site

I just joined a new community on Reddit, and got a very nice message welcoming me to the community and giving me a few links to important documentation and some tips on how to get the most out of the ...

discussion feature-request new-users welcoming  
asked by Prim Reaper Score of 25
answered by Tinkeringbell Score of 6

Slightly darker background color for code blocks

Hi, on many monitors, the very light gray background color of code blocks looks like 100% white, when looking at the monitor with even just a slight angle. While I do believe, that it wouldn't look ...

discussion feature-request design code-formatting  
asked by Chris Lercher Score of 5
answered by Thomas Bonini Score of 2

"How to Edit" information in edit page is meaningless to OP

I am a user without the edit privilege in Ask Ubuntu. When I click the edit button on my own post, this is shown: The How to Edit information is kinda meaningless to the OP. How to Edit Correct ...

discussion feature-request edits  
asked by Random Person Score of 7

Remove (or rename) the ineffective "recommend deletion" option from Late Answers queue

Someone pointed out to me that at least some users see a Recommend deletion option in the Late Answers queue. This completes the review, but aside from giving the user the option to leave one of the ...

discussion feature-request bug review  
asked by Zanna Score of 29
answered by zcoop98 Score of 16

Meaning of "Canonical answer required" bounty category

When opening a bounty and a question doesn't yet have an answer that I'm willing to accept, it always takes me a moment to pick a bounty reason: I am never quite sure what scenarios the "canonical ...

discussion feature-request bounties  
asked by Lover of Structure Score of 9
answered by Caleb Score of 5

Can you answer these questions?

Why not have the editor with two horizontal panes instead of a vertical layout?

I was wondering why the preview is below the question's editor and not to its side? A long question may require scrolling up and down to check the layout. The window in which to type a question is ...

feature-request design editor  
asked by Thomas Score of 10

Where should I ask about MDM policies used with 802.1x Wi-Fi?

Meta: Due to the cross-purpose functions of servers and networking, I have no idea if this question is more suitable on Server Fault, Network Engineering, or the Information Security Stack Exchange. ...

discussion site-recommendation  
asked by Dale Mahalko Score of 6

Cursor disappears in new editor

Shortly after I start editing some answers (sometimes after some fiddling), my cursor disappears. I can't see where I'm typing except that text appears (or disappears, when backspacing), and trying to ...

bug stacks-editor  
asked by Laurel Score of 3
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