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Top new questions this week:

What posts should be escalated to staff using [status-review], and how do I escalate them?

For context on how this process came to be, please see our initial commitment to responding to Meta and Mods, our guidelines for the testing period, and the results of the initial test and next ...

discussion featured stack-exchange community announcements  
asked by JNat 22 votes
answered by JNat 10 votes

Can we add some more trigger words to the one-flag-comment-delete mechanism?

We just had a rather unsavoury answer on SO from someone distinctly unhappy with the service they received. To put it mildly. In particular, there were these two comments under the post: I've ...

feature-request status-review comments flags  
asked by ArtOfCode 18 votes

Improve election results message

When an election is finished, the following message is shown: The results of this election can be viewed online via OpaVote.Download the election data and use OpenSTV for windows or mac to audit ...

bug status-review election wording capitalization  
asked by Glorfindel 15 votes

Cannot follow locked posts; wrong error message when attempting to do so

I just visited the question here, which is locked as a "community effort": What is a historical lock, and what is it used for? I (legitimately) wanted to "Follow" the question so that I would be ...

bug error-message locked-questions locked follow-post  
asked by pkamb 13 votes

Feedback for The Loop - May 2020

May’s “The Loop” blog post was just posted, you can read it here. A popular response last month to our post about how we receive, prioritize and implement feedback was a question around how this ...

discussion feedback the-loop dark-mode  
asked by Sara Chipps 11 votes
answered by tpg2114 31 votes

How can I suggest to change "X is a duplicate of Y" to "Y is a duplicate of X"?

Example situation: How do I full-screen my CMD? is marked as a duplicate of Fullscreen Vista's Command Prompt, or Replacement. But: the first is more general (Windows): higher-voted more marked ...

discussion support duplicate-questions  
asked by Basj 11 votes
answered by Catija 9 votes

Is there a "statute of limitations" on misbehavior?

Background: A "statute of limitations" is a law that provides that certain very old transgressions are no longer punishable today - the idea that e.g. it's a waste of everyone's time to search through ...

support moderation behavior policy ban  
asked by Robert Columbia 8 votes
answered by Anton Menshov 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do the top contributors to Stack Overflow have profit-sharing with the owners of Stack Overflow? If not, why?

Why be politically correct, Stack Overflow is the top Q&A site for programmers as of present. And members answer questions just for the love & passion of knowledge without any expectation as ...

discussion feature-request stack-overflow ownership contribution  
asked by Thokchom 8 votes
answered by Tim Post 33 votes

Let's move some negatively scored answers from the top spot

Internally, we've been discussing how we can deal with obsolete or out-of-date answers. A few weeks ago, I requested some feedback on how to encourage edits to these types of answers, while I'm still ...

discussion feature-request accepted-answer sorting feedback  
asked by Taryn 104 votes
answered by Sam I am says Reinstate Monica 15 votes

How do I undo an accidental undo of an up vote?

I accidentally undid my upvote on a question thinking I was upvoting it, but it undid my upvote, so I click again to re-upvote it, but it is locked unless the question is edited. I can post a comment ...

discussion feature-request voting locked undo  
asked by WilliamKF 13 votes

Can we have a drop-down menu for "Featured on Meta"?

UPDATE (02/09/2019) It has been over 26 32 days since Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! appeared on Featured on Meta. The news was great, 99% of users who ...

discussion feature-request voting featured-tag  
asked by Mari-Lou A 9 votes

Guidance for how to reopen a question that is on hold or closed

It would be good to have some easy to follow guidance for how to get a question reopened that is on hold or closed. What I would find useful as a user with a couple of months experience of ...

discussion feature-request closed-questions on-hold  
asked by TooTone 14 votes

Different favicon for chat window/tab

When I have opened (and pinned in Chrome) SO website and SO chat tabs both of them have the same favicon and they are not visually distinguishable. Is it possible to have a different favicon for ...

discussion feature-request chat  
asked by yojimbo87 39 votes

Keeping special status for Accepted Answers without sticking them to top forever?

I often see complaints about highly voted answers (an indicator of community respect) appearing below an accepted answer which may have far fewer votes e.g. Shouldn't the answer with more votes be ...

discussion feature-request status-review accepted-answer  
asked by PolyGeo 69 votes
answered by Reg Edit 11 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Follow button glitches when a new answer is loaded up via AJAX

I just noticed a bug with the follow button preventing you from following a post. It has been asked before here: "follow" link glitches to "You’re no longer following this ...

bug status-review follow-post  
asked by Dharman 5 votes

Stack Exchange Data Dumps still indicating old attribution requirements

The Stack Exchange Data Dumps still contain wording mandating that attribution be given in specific ways, going beyond the Creative Commons licensing requirements: Specifically the attribution ...

bug data-dump legal licensing creative-commons  
asked by a3nm 3 votes

Why does the Need review counter often appear inaccurate after a passed review audit?

After passing a review audit, and after the congratulations screen is shown, I sometimes click the stats-link to find out how many additional posts need review. I noticed that the actual number ...

support review-audits review-stats  
asked by Pierre.Vriens 2 votes
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