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Top new questions this week:

Join me in Welcoming Valued Associate #843: Rosie

I’m thrilled to be the first to introduce Rosie, our new Manager on the Community Management team. Rosie is joining us to be a part of the Community Operations team. In the past, she’s worked at ...

discussion announcements community-managers  
asked by Sara Chipps 43 votes
answered by Rosie 40 votes

Make display of reputation in revisions list consistent with the rest of the flairs again

The flair for users in the revision list, for example here, shows the exact amount of reputation: This is not consistent with how the flair works on (all?) other places in the site, e.g. under a post....

bug reputation revisions-list flair  
asked by Glorfindel 16 votes
answered by user1271772 5 votes

What's the difference between a regular CM and a Staff CM?

I noticed there was an opening for a Staff CM on the work here page. Broadly speaking - the requirements are identical to our regular CMs. Requirements seem the same, with the 3-5 year experience ...

discussion stack-exchange-team community-managers  
asked by Journeyman Geek 16 votes
answered by Possibility Advocate 9 votes

Declining spam or rude/abusive flags doesn't trigger recalculation of a post's score

When a spam or rude/abusive flag is raised on a post, a downvote is automatically applied from the Community user. This downvote immediately affects the post's score upon the flag being raised. When a ...

bug flags moderator-tools spam  
asked by Makyen 16 votes

How should I deal with unregistered users trying to delete their question?

Recently, I came across a question that had been vandalized by the OP. I left a canned "Don't vandalize posts" comment I use for these situations that contains the text: ... If you want to ...

discussion vote-to-delete unregistered-users  
asked by cigien 15 votes
answered by Shadow Wizard is Vaccinating 7 votes

Typo in moderator inbox, "new announcments"

Possibly a typo in sentence (should be "announcements"): Moderator inbox (new announcments) Found as a source string in transifex/traducir:

bug moderator-tools spelling  
asked by αλεχολυτ 14 votes

What happens to users who request deletion of their accounts, who both qualify for immediate deletion and for staff to preserve their votes?

To provide context: For a long while, there's been a feature where users who request deletion of their accounts and meet certain criteria for low activity have their account deleted immediately, ...

support voting deleted-accounts  
asked by Sonic the Curiouser Hedgehog 14 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Add captcha to anonymous edits

I reached 1k rep on Chess.SE, now I can review suggested edits, and I see anonymous edits from unregistered users, all bots and spammers. I know that you are not willing to turn off the anonymous ...

discussion feature-request suggested-edits spam captcha  
asked by Lynob 32 votes

Image size limit: Why it is set to 2 MB?

From older Meta posts it seem to me that the file size limit was higher in the past, and linked to the limits allowed by imgur. However, now the limit is 2 MB (or MiB), and imgur allows much more ...

discussion feature-request images imgur uploader  
asked by Camilo Rada 22 votes
answered by Shadow Wizard is Vaccinating 12 votes

Allow for image rotation using markup

You can add images to your comment or answer easily by providing an external image URL (e.g. using the editor's add-image function. ...

discussion feature-request images  
asked by Daniel K. 5 votes

Proposal to make close votes scale with rep

There have been several proposals for how we’re ever going to get a handle on the ever-mounting close-vote queue. Dupehammer has been especially successful, and there have been several proposals ...

discussion feature-request status-review reputation vote-to-close  
asked by tchrist 81 votes
answered by Robusto 32 votes

Meaning of "Canonical answer required" bounty category

When opening a bounty and a question doesn't yet have an answer that I'm willing to accept, it always takes me a moment to pick a bounty reason: I am never quite sure what scenarios the "canonical ...

discussion feature-request bounties  
asked by Lover of Structure 8 votes
answered by Caleb 5 votes

Negative comments drive new users away, how can we fix this?

We've talked about how we should act towards new users a lot in the past. I'd like to discuss some of these questions again. But more important than that, I hope this question will help us learn more ...

discussion feature-request comments new-users  
asked by meyumer 54 votes
answered by Rachel 23 votes

Flawed question-ban system

I recently got banned from The point of this post is not to get the ban lifted, or to argue with the negative scores of my posts. It is to discuss the ban system ...

discussion feature-request post-ban  
asked by Jakob Busk Sørensen 27 votes
answered by ChrisF 32 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Can we add Stack Overflow teams to our list of communities?

I am a member of a private team. I would like to add a link to that team in my list of communities, here: Right now it doesn't look like this is an option. I have to go to Stack Overflow to find my ...

feature-request top-bar stack-overflow-for-teams  
asked by LShaver 8 votes

Show a preview of the title when editing/asking - at least on the MathJax sites

When you are asking a question - or making a suggested edit - you can see the preview of the post, but not a preview of the title. This does not matter that much on the sites without MathJax - after ...

feature-request suggested-edits title markdown-preview mathjax  
asked by Martin 11 votes

Tell unregistered users why they can't delete their post with a disabled delete button

There's this song and dance that I see a lot. A user complains that they can't delete their post, high rep users tell them that they need to click the delete button, the user has no idea how to do ...

feature-request deleted-posts unregistered-users  
asked by Laurel 12 votes
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