Support Services & SLA for On-Premises Deployment

Updated 16 November 2020

1. Overview

The annual license for Stack Overflow Enterprise and Stack Overflow Business includes ongoing coverage and technical support for the software application and its performance. This document documents the response that Stack Overflow will make to reported issues with the software, along with a categorization of issue severity.

All issues should be reported to Stack Overflow by opening a ticket on our support portal. Once a case has been opened, Stack Overflow will provide support communication via e-mail or phone to address and resolve the issue as appropriate with updates provided as appropriate until the issue is resolved. Cases opened via other means are not subject to the support SLAs below.

2. Covered Systems

Stack Overflow Enterprise Support Services covers the performance and support of the Stack Overflow Enterprise software application only.

Covered services do not include any of the underlying systems or infrastructures for which the Client is responsible for operating: including, but not limited to, server hardware, server operating systems, database applications, network infrastructure.

3. Issue Levels

Issue Level Issue Description Response & Commencement Time
Level 1 - Inoperative The software is inaccessible to users or at least one Core Function is not operational. Acknowledged and work commenced within 1 business hour.
Level 2 - Major The software is accessible to users and all Core Functions are operational, but at least one Major Function is not operational. Acknowledged within 4 business hours and work commenced within 1 business day.
Level 3 - Minor All core and major functions are operational but at least one minor function is not working properly. Acknowledged within 4 business hours and work commenced within 1 business day.
Level 4 - Low A Cosmetic Function issue with the site is identified or an issue is identified with a Core, Major, or Minor Function that does not impair its general usage or ability to perform core task. Acknowledged within 1 business day.
Level 5 - Usage Questions No functionality issue - general questions regarding site usage, functionality, community development, or other questions. Acknowledged within 1 business day.

4. Definitions

  • “Business Day/Hours”: A business day is 8am - 6pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, not including US Holidays and office closures.
  • “Cosmetic Functions”: User interface issues, all static site content (such as documentation, help pages, or error messages).
  • “Core Functions”: Asking questions, answering questions, searching content, viewing content.
  • “Downtime”: A time period that the service is not Available, excluding events listed herein.
  • “Major Functions”: Creating/editing users, tags, or other end-user facing organization related functionality.
  • “Minor Functions”: Moderator tools and other site functionality not included in Core or Major functionality.