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Careers has trouble with my location

Stack Overflow Careers insists that I live in »Tubinga«, which appears to be the Italian or Spanish variant of »Tübingen« (where I live). It completely ignores what I put in the »city« field and instead replaces it with the misspelling. Testing appears to show that the city is looked up from the postal code.

Fun things:

  • Entering (almost) anything in the city field results in »Tubinga«
  • Entering »Tübingen-Hirschau« results in »Hirschau«, so districts seem to be looked up as well. That being said, »Tubinga, Germany« is something most Germans would struggle with to understand what is meant and »Hirschau, Germany« is ambiguous (there is one in Bavaria as well).

I'd rather see the correct spelling of the city, or at the very least, let the user override the automatic city lookup which may be strange or wrong in certain cases.