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use stackoverflow Use Stack Overflow as the official support site of an open-source project

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use stackoverflow as the official support site of an open-source project

I have an open source question with a very reduced community, among other reasons because it is a relatively new project.

The project's target audience is programmers.

I think that more developers might benefit from the project, and I am thinking of declaring stackoverflow the official support site, for two reasons:

  • To gain wider exposure

  • Because stackoverflow is cool, easy and friendly, and far more agile than the bloated support forums and trackers in the open source hosting sites.

I would do this by picking a suitable tag ("myproject") and adding in the documentation a link to stackoverflow and telling people submit questions, ideas, bugs, and suggestions to stackoverflow and tag the appropiately.

I would try to frequently monitor the tag's rss and and give support.

Also, as in meta, this would be combined with other tags such as "bug", "feature-request", "question".

As I have enough reputation to edit questions, I could track the questions with tags such as "in-review", "scheduled", "rejected", "not-a-bug", etc.

Good questions, could be copy-n-pasted to the project's official faq.

What do you think of such an idea? Please in your answers refer to how this might impact the project and how it might impact stackoverflow and how might such a thing be received by the stackoverflow community and if you think it would be welcome by stackoverflow's admins. Please also mention other issues, such as legal issues (?), whatever.