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suggestion regarding minimum edits

Sometimes, as many users of the SE network are well aware, a user will see one very small, yet very glaring error in a question or answer, and with less than 2K rep, they are faced with 4 choices:

  1. Add invisible formatting to artificially increase the number of characters in the post.
  2. Look for picky little "other errors" to fix.
  3. Post a comment that says something like, "Um, you have a 1-character error. The word it's in it's audience should be its because it's means it is and its is possessive."
  4. Just forget about it; the mistake is so obvious, someone with 2K rep is bound to spot it eventually and fix it.

I think none of these choices are the best choice. Obviously the first raises questions of skirting the rules. The second can lead to a post that bears little resemblance to the original intent of the author, which can be taken as disrespectful. The third has the potential to publicly humiliate or embarrass the author; this too is disrespectful. The fourth doesn't always work, because the users with high rep sometimes don't always come across the same posts that new members do. This is because they are usually too busy giving answers and reviewing edits to do much editing themselves.

My suggestion: We should be allowed to note in the edit description that we edit fixed the ONLY ERROR, or something similar. Then submission script could detect the two words in all caps and allow the edit to be submitted.