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3 hours ago comment added Marc Sances Thank you for removing the watched tag and going back to highlighting, much more acceptable now, but still the score needs to be much more prominent in desktop. If score does not help out in quickly triaging out low quality questions and give visibility to interesting questions... what's the point? I cannot simply see the score quickly enough as it is right now.
3 hours ago comment added Andrew @squillman It's now 5 downvotes away from the "worst 5" behind only 3 Monica debacle posts, the new CC license post and adding ads to the site. I expect this one to make it until only the Monica posts are worse with how bad a UI change, and an even worse review process this was.
3 hours ago comment added Andrew @j08691 The way I read it they were self selected users - they had everyone who was using For You in Stack Overflow for Teams - and of course they have now run into the problem with that kind of selection process, they chose the pool as a subset of users that fell into one category (people who use SOfT) and that introduces a very skewed bias into the the responses.
5 hours ago comment added tomdemuyt @SebastianSimon They were there on codereview.stackexchange.com
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6 hours ago comment added Trilarion From the update: "We're currently gathering together all the discussion and feature-request feedback items to decide how we want to alter the design." That's good but I would have additionally halted the rollout until the feedback is properly processed and alterations to the design have been made. As it is, there might be grave problems that were already reported early on, but you nevertheless pushed the product out. Why? To stay on some schedule? That only resulted in lots of downvotes. Taking time, processing feedback and then coming back would have been much better, I think.
12 hours ago comment added Journeyman Geek Mod Its not closed. And tbh, I'd rather have everything in the same place. - here If members of the community close it, I don't have a strong reason to disagree either, but I can't reopen a post that's not closed no matter how hard I try. I'd love for these design changes to be more responsive to our needs, and that means encouraging people to keep calm, and put reasoned detailed constructive critiques of what is wrong where we know staff will read it - and that's most likely here.
12 hours ago comment added Oscar Smith @JourneymanGeek, what would you think about re-opening meta.stackexchange.com/questions/375481/… as a place for discussing this?
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16 hours ago comment added Sebastian Simon @tomdemuyt What “blurbs” are you talking about? If you mean post excerpts under the titles, they were never there on the home page (/). Excerpts were always there on /questions. This has been mentioned before.
16 hours ago comment added Sebastian Simon @0stone0 What “previews” are you talking about? If you mean post excerpts under the titles, they were never there on the home page (/). Excerpts were always there on /questions. This has been mentioned before.
16 hours ago comment added Journeyman Geek Mod Quick note - there's been about a dozen or so requests via comments to revert to the old view - rather than flooding this main post with comments upvote an answer such as this instead
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22 hours ago comment added Ollie Again, you showed us something and pushed something different that a lot of people really don't like. Again, the score of the post changed from +100-whatsit to something that looks like a negative phone number.
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23 hours ago comment added squillman Perspective: at -337 (current vote count) this needs a mere 59 more votes to put it on the page of most negatively received meta questions of all time. With today's vote velocity it won't take long to make it there.
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yesterday comment added Roko C. Buljan To be constructive now, the Watching "design" was even before the update (with the roseyellorange-ish background-"hard to call highlight") also an ugly mistake. Now instead of a background we have a "pill?" taking up 50+px of vertical space. Instead of just adding a 5 or 4px left orange border for the Watching Tag Cards. Also, add the same 5px left border to the menu for selecting the watch tags and you have a reference/UI/hint. and that's it. And return the (S/A/V) as columns. And Bam. Win/Win
yesterday comment added j08691 @BenKelly You said "User testing was run with ~170 recently active users". What's the total user pool size and why was such a miniscule pool selected? Why weren't there more users selected, specifically those that use the sites the most? Was there an invitation sent out for testing, or were these ~170 users randomly chosen? Why does it seem like the desktop version of the site is being neglected/ignored?
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yesterday comment added Roko C. Buljan I really think this must be (again) a mistake or a joke. Finally the mobile version looks actually like a SO website. But what happened to the designer/UX-specialist looking at the desktop version? But mostly to the person saying: "That's it! Ship to production!"? Why all those whitespace, I can barely fit 7 questions on the home page, the cognitive load (as already mentioned) is huge. Instead of vertically swiping trough the columns (score/answers/views) now I have to intermittently jump my already tired eyeballs to query some 12px font size numbers... and scroll like crazy. "Votes"?
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yesterday comment added sp00m This is hardly believable, SO's homepage is just way harder to digest now. I'll wait for the revert before getting back at answering. I can't really explain how these changes reached production as is...
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yesterday comment added Laconic Droid I actually double checked my browser plugins this morning as I thought one of them had broken the site by being a little overaggressive. The large white space/small text combo is hurting my eyes.
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yesterday comment added Nikki9696 We all know change is hard and people nearly universally hate new designs (ok that's anecdotal, but still). My vote though - dear lord I can't scan the content or easily read the numbers now. I'm a desktop user. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but I really don't see how this is an improvement on anything from a user perspective. Perhaps from a back end one, sure, but you just made it harder for me to read, not easier. Thumbs down.
yesterday comment added TylerH @FreeMan UWP is architecture, not design; it was never about "one interface for every screen size"; a responsive design from a UWP would work just fine in a traditional program. Responsive design is certainly not going anywhere.
yesterday comment added tomdemuyt At least bring back the blurbs on the main page.
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yesterday comment added 0stone0 Terrible! Another step closer destroying this community. The home page is barely usable anymore. Without the previews and/or clear vote counts, it is practically impossible to distinguish the good questions from the bad ones. Bye bye (closing) votes, bye bye finding good questions. Bye bye Stackoverflow.
yesterday comment added Eric Duminil @MadScientist: Fair enough, and that's why I asked about the logic behind it. The logic might be : "My boss told me to", or "This group of long-time users/mods decided it's a good idea because X, Y, and Z." As presented, the whole thing is just baffling.
yesterday comment added FreeMan Even Microsoft is giving up on "one interface for every screen size".
yesterday comment added CherryDT This is a nightmare. Please revert ASAP. The "watched" bag is a useless attention-stealing distraction, it occupies space that should rather be occupied by larger digits for number of answers and votes, instead there is an unnecessarily large amount of margin everywhere and it just makes it a mess and hard to read. If the "watched" thing should be visible, a default-colored eye icon somewhere in a corner would have sufficed. Really not a fan. :(
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yesterday comment added illustro @KarlKnechtel meta.stackexchange.com/a/375549/388810 open to suggestions for better wording etc
yesterday answer illustro timeline score: 36
yesterday comment added MorenajeRD give us an option to use the old design, the new one is not better, you can't find the info fast :(
yesterday comment added Mad Scientist @EricDuminil It's genereally counter-productive to blame individual employees for changes, we usually don't know who actually made which decision and it creates an unnecessarily hostile atmosphere in the discussions. SE, the company is to blame here, not the people implementing changes. There is almost certainly some process for this kind of change, and this process failed thoroughly here.
yesterday comment added Karl Knechtel @illustro that could be a post in itself, and you would have my full-throated support on that point.
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yesterday comment added user438383 I genuinely can't actually face browsing and answering questions on SO with the interface like this.
yesterday comment added illustro Finally, it was tested on a page a fraction of the userbase even uses. You got feedback on the design from 170 users, for changes on a site that has millions of page views per day?
yesterday comment added illustro There is a reason why sites on the internet contemplating sweeping changes to their primary view offer users several months (or years in some cases) to transition between the two and gather feedback, and they do this by using a modal box on the page informing users that a change is going to happen, and would they like to preview it. This was buried in a post, that doesn't have an especially informative title, nor is it clear that it was referring to such a sweeping change (I missed it and I'm active on the SE network daily).
yesterday answer Liam timeline score: 17
yesterday comment added user202729 @bobble Also, I think this was a featured meta post, everyone should be able to see it. There was some early feedback... but they aren't that negative. (in fact, if I recalled correctly the question initially get something like +50?)
yesterday comment added Karl Knechtel "While it was great that you released this on the Greatest Hits page first for us to poke around with, there's a fundamental problem with that, and it's why so many people are upset now: no one uses the Greatest Hits page." I have been around for over 11 years, and this meta.SE question is literally the first time I have ever heard about a "greatest hits" page. Staring at the current Stack Overflow interface, I have absolutely no clue how one is intended to navigate there, other than by manually entering the URL. So... no wonder nobody uses it.
yesterday comment added Sklivvz As a Stack Overflow old-time developer. Don't come to the community with solutions. Come to the community with a problem statement and an idea and iterate. This way you'll get a better solution than this and you won't get massive downvotes. Remember: most people here are (a) better stack overflow experts than you or me and (b) better developers too. Give them a chance.
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yesterday comment added ntessore If you flip the labels on the before/after screenshots, they make a very good case study for how to improve readability by making the most important pieces of information easy to find for your eyes.
yesterday answer IMSoP timeline score: 11
yesterday comment added Mateen Ulhaq @AlanDev See also: "new" reddit (not compact, slow, unfortunate single-page-application which reduces effectiveness of browser tabs) vs old.reddit.com (compact, very readable, much faster and responsive, browser tabs work, maybe needs some modern reskinning and CSS tweaks, but the user experience is terrific).
yesterday comment added Jens In the same user experience fail category as Windows 8 removing the "Start" menu for tiles. Why? Because you broke what I have learned to find with a quick glance. Sizable vote numbers and unintrusive highlighting of watched tags.
yesterday comment added jojek In the name of everything that you hold sacred, please revert this!. My brain hurts trying to process this layout. There's way too much empty space and a tiny vote count is purely awful!
yesterday comment added Tschallacka @SebastianSimon To my feelings about it is to reference this Such a all encompassing design change should have been in my opinion been featured side wide.
yesterday comment added Sebastian Simon @Tschallacka It was released on the greatest hits page 12 days ago, screenshots exist, and the Stacks design page has been linked as well, so there definitely was an opportunity to test this.
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yesterday comment added Tschallacka Who started this design change? Who decided this was a good idea? And why the hell wasn't this released as an opt in for testing before forcing it down our throats? Or even showing us mockups and announcing it before releasing? Classic Stack Overflow, ignore the users and break stuff.
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See https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/7344
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Rolled out on home pages
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yesterday comment added Tinkeringbell Mod @SebastianSimon fair point, I may have misunderstood. I'm not going to touch the edit button on this post though. Instead I have updated the image in my comment to point to the screenshot used for /greatest-hits and /home now. There's still a pretty big difference between the two (use of color, for one), so the original question still stands :)
yesterday comment added Phil @SebastianSimon we still got something different anyway, especially with the watched / ignored badges and the extra vertical space that comes with them. Those changes don't appear anywhere in the OP
yesterday comment added Sebastian Simon @Tinkeringbell This was the old state, not the planned new state. It was clear to me that this is how all views are going to look like, but reading the announcement again, I can see how this may not be clear. Feel free to edit and clarify.
yesterday answer HolyBlackCat timeline score: 83
yesterday comment added Tinkeringbell Mod I will join in with the chorus of disgruntled users for once... because you had them review this, and instead we get this (note the lack of color, for example). Why were the users here given 1 thing to review, and then surprised with a completely different change?
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yesterday comment added Greenonline I love the before and after pictures... how on earth is that an improvement?! How are you meant to read anything, without zooming into the page..?
yesterday answer vitaliis timeline score: 72
yesterday comment added Spectric I've created a userscript that brings back the old design.
yesterday answer Phil timeline score: 14
yesterday comment added Robotnik I thought you were ironing out bugs on the Greatest Hits page first? This looks horrible. Nothing lines up. Tags jump up and down based on the question title length. The question box area grows and shrinks based on bounties and whether the question is "watched". Each individual question box might be ok on it's own but as an overall experience it's not great.
yesterday comment added Michael While I appreciate the effort that's gone into this, it's really disappointing how consistently any UI changes to the site actually make the experience worse. It seems like every change is a net regression. Do the staff just think our consistent complaining is because people hate change? Because it's much more than that. Almost every change is a significant step backwards in some respects. This change seems to have a number of objective flaws. I feel like all the effort that's spent twiddling with a layout that's always been fine could be put to better use.
yesterday answer Nick timeline score: 28
yesterday comment added bobble While it was great that you released this on the Greatest Hits page first for us to poke around with, there's a fundamental problem with that, and it's why so many people are upset now: no one uses the Greatest Hits page. It's not part of anyone's regular workflow, so it's harder for us to see how the new design will break our workflows. People aren't used to using it, so if information is a little awkward to acquire, or certain use-cases aren't served, it's difficult for us to see it. I don't have a solution, just wanted to point out why the pre-release didn't end up being that useful.
yesterday comment added jamesdlin It might help if examples/mockups were provided that demonstrate how the new design will provide advantages in the future. The current set of before-and-after screenshots don't look any better and instead demonstrate how the old design was easier to scan.
yesterday comment added illustro The change to add ignored tags with a black background, just to make questions you want to ignore stand out even more is ridiculous and bad UX design
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yesterday comment added Bharel @cocomac too bad I don't have enough reputation on meta to add another bounty and join the cause.
yesterday comment added Dan Is Fiddling By Firelight @SebastianSimon I rechecked, not questions but the question feed on the main .com at stack overflow and workplace.SE.
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yesterday comment added Thomas Markov I’m not a fan of this strategy: adding huge changes to a the site and editing the meta post two weeks later after the score is artificially inflated.
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yesterday comment added Sebastian Simon @DanIsFiddlingByFirelight Where do you see this having gone live on /questions pages? On MSE, MSO, and SO they’re still in the old version. Is this an A/B test?
yesterday comment added Alan Dev Why do UX changes always make things harder to read and digest sigh
yesterday comment added Dan Is Fiddling By Firelight This has gone live on the main /Questions pages; are there any other locations that should be edited in as having the new style now?
yesterday comment added Taladris Are 5 (five!) different layouts too much for a network of 178 sites? I would expect a bit of customization for such a large network.
yesterday comment added takendarkk It's horrible in nearly every way. Not a single improvement to my experience and several things which are worse.
yesterday comment added Ambo100 I honestly don't see how this can be considered an improvement. It's harder to find information from a glance and it looks incredibly unbalanced.
yesterday answer Sonic the Anti-New Variant-hog timeline score: 8
yesterday answer ChrisW timeline score: 24
yesterday comment added Phil @BernardoDuarte the rapidly declining score on this post says "yes". As we've seen before though, score on announcements means nothing
yesterday comment added Bernardo Duarte Is it just me or does anyone hates these changes to the feed and profile? I say "hate", because they're ruining the desktop experience.
yesterday answer PD - whee - whim - wish timeline score: 32
yesterday comment added D.W. To the author of this post, I would suggest rewording that part of the post. I find super confusing to talk about "implementation" and "data compatibility" when what you mean is "we continue to display the same data, but in a different format".
yesterday comment added Sebastian Simon @D.W. They mean the former. Both versions show the same stats; nothing is lost. This was (or is) a problem in the Profile page and Activity page redesign.
yesterday comment added illustro I should also point out, my use of the word "screen" in my previous comment refers to the amount of information displayed on my computer monitor (or screen) at once, as opposed to the "view" based meaning ascribed in the Question
yesterday comment added D.W. I don't understand what "~100% data compatibility with this implementation" means. Do you mean that the same information is shown to viewers, with both the old format and the new format? Or are you referring to something about internal implementation details (e.g., database formats, etc.) that are not directly visible to Stack Exchange? If the latter, why should we care?
yesterday comment added Sebastian Simon @AndrewMorton It refers to the different pages or “views” or places where you see question lists, e.g. the / screen or the /questions screen or the /questions/greatest-hits screen.
yesterday answer Elliot Yu timeline score: 30
yesterday comment added Andrew Morton What does "screens" mean? Is it a term-of-art in design?
yesterday answer Makoto timeline score: 377
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yesterday comment added illustro This layout makes the desktop experience on the homepage worse, due to a lower information density displayed at once on the screen (# questions per screen), more difficult to parse and smaller statistics, too much padding between list items, misaligned tag and user bars with the bottom of the question block
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yesterday comment added Dave Newton I sure don't like it; much harder to see the metadata on the home page.
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yesterday comment added bobble @illustro there was definitely some time where it was only meta, but it's definitely everywhere now.
yesterday answer Sycorax timeline score: 34
yesterday comment added illustro @bobble it appears it went to all homepages (it's there on rpg.se at least)
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yesterday answer bad_coder timeline score: 4
yesterday answer Sonic the Anti-New Variant-hog timeline score: 34
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yesterday comment added bobble Did this just go out for Meta's homepage?
Jan 21 at 20:02 comment added LSpice Probably you meant that the list is non-exhaustive rather than non-inclusive ….
Jan 18 at 21:54 answer Steve Bennett timeline score: 4
Jan 16 at 13:14 answer Jonas Wilms timeline score: 15
Jan 16 at 12:26 comment added Rob @charlietfl in place of FAVORITE_SCREEN you choose one of the site's URLs. Definition: en.wiktionary.org/wiki/fill_in_the_blank help.blackboard.com/Learn/Instructor/Ultra/Tests_Pools_Surveys/…
Jan 16 at 7:52 comment added rene @charlietfl it is meant to be a placeholder, an left to the imagination of the reader, a catch all for all the pages / dialogs / "components" that are yet to get their redesign. By using that phrase It tries to pre-emptively shortcut inquiries about the pet-peeve pages / screens /dialogs of readers of this question. Even with that in place I'm sure someone brings up that one feature request from 2011 that is still not fixed and will argue it should have gotten priority over post summary designs. That FR points out their FAVORITE_SCREEN ...
Jan 16 at 2:09 comment added Journeyman Geek Mod No no. Literally a page on the site you like, and if you want it updated to responsive stuff, It'll happen when it happens ._..
Jan 15 at 18:09 answer Bergi timeline score: 121
Jan 15 at 18:04 answer Bergi timeline score: 95
Jan 15 at 16:50 comment added charlietfl @JourneymanGeek That is just as confusing to me. What exactly do you consider a favorite page? There used to be favorites in profiles that was renamed to bookmarks a few years ago. Or are you loosely using the term for public lists?
Jan 15 at 16:16 comment added Journeyman Geek Mod I think the means your favourite page 😁
Jan 15 at 16:03 comment added charlietfl What is FAVORITE_SCREEN? Is that the old terminology for what is now known as Bookmarks?
Jan 14 at 15:12 answer TylerH timeline score: 23
Jan 14 at 15:10 comment added Ben Kelly StaffMod @simonalexander2005 Yeah, that wording is not great. I think that percentage is measuring how much of the post is attributed to the top editor of that post. I hint at it in a comment on one of the answers below, but we plan on rewording that text more naturally, making it much clearer in the process.
Jan 14 at 15:05 comment added Ben Kelly StaffMod @TylerH Yes, that was by design. If that's something you feel strongly about, add a new discussion answer. I'd prefer it as an answer so any extended discussion happens off the main post's comment chain.
Jan 14 at 10:37 comment added simonalexander2005 5 Users 48% Gnome made me laugh - but what does the 48% even refer to? The number of characters changed?
Jan 13 at 21:36 comment added ColleenV I think it's interesting that you refer to "score" (We generally assume 3 items of metadata: score, answers, and views.) when it's still labelled "votes". I'm going to be annoying and link the feature request about that so we don't forget about it :) Use "score" instead of "votes" in the list of questions.
Jan 13 at 21:08 answer bad_coder timeline score: 11
Jan 13 at 20:03 comment added TylerH @BenKelly Is the removal of gold/silver/bronze badge count for non-CW posts an unintentional or intentional change in the new layout? I consider it a regression, personally, as it is a loss in somewhat interesting/useful data.
Jan 13 at 19:04 comment added Ben Kelly StaffMod @LShaver Those screens are using the same component, but using the "minimal" view (which is basically the mobile/responsive view on desktop). The underlying implementation is different, but those screens are using the same CSS classes / markup.
Jan 13 at 14:52 answer Emil Jeřábek timeline score: 36
Jan 13 at 3:33 comment added LShaver Under "Where we are currently using this design" -- the user activity bookmarks and questions views look much different (and worse) than the screenshots in this post. Am I missing something?
Jan 13 at 1:16 comment added Ollie Cool! Think you could mark this report as status-completed then?
Jan 13 at 1:10 comment added Nick I'm on my phone so writing a full answer would be awkward, but I'd like to see the "answers" label right aligned with the "votes" and "views" text, rather than it being aligned based on the "answers" box's right border
Jan 12 at 22:34 comment added Travis J I wish more work went into improving the UX instead of the UI.
Jan 12 at 22:11 answer GlorfindelMod timeline score: 28
Jan 12 at 21:48 answer Marijn timeline score: 14
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Jan 12 at 19:49 comment added Rob @bobble Announced 10 years ago: How can we utilize the "Greatest hits" list for our sites? and asked where to link to it from several years ago: What should we do about Greatest Hits? - apparently it is used to populate the Newsletter: Are the "greatest hits" in the Stack Overflow newsletter appropriate?
Jan 12 at 19:23 comment added bobble @Rob it's an unlinked page
Jan 12 at 19:20 comment added Ben Kelly StaffMod @Rob Honestly, no clue. I only found this page while I was looking for areas that needed migration to the new layout. Most of the people I showed this page to didn't even know it existed. I'll follow up internally about if we want to make additional changes to better surface this screen.
Jan 12 at 19:17 comment added Rob Shouldn't meta.stackexchange.com/questions/greatest-hits be added to meta.stackexchange.com/questions (under the "More" tab)? This announcement doesn't make it clear which webpage we would be on, and where we would click, to access meta.stackexchange.com/questions/greatest-hits (without using the URL in this announcement); I've been here a while, fairly certain I've not see the tabless "Greatest Hits" page before.
Jan 12 at 18:52 answer bobble timeline score: 17
Jan 12 at 18:32 history asked Ben KellyStaffMod CC BY-SA 4.0