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Jan 12 at 19:24 comment added Ben Kelly StaffMod @Randal'Thor Ahhh, I see it now. Not in the user card, but elsewhere. I hadn't considered that. I'll put this on the list of things to consider when we finally remove the mobile views for the question view.
Jan 12 at 19:22 comment added Rand al'Thor @BenKelly "Asked" is uppercase on the question page itself (like just below the question title and above the voting arrows on this page here).
Jan 12 at 19:14 comment added Ben Kelly StaffMod Oops, forgot the second question - Uppercase C is preferred here as it is being treated as a proper noun. "Community wiki" is the post owner / author / whatever in this case. As for the lowercase asked, I don't see where that one is uppercase. In that case, it is read like a sentence / sentence fragment depending on layout, so lowercase is the way to go.
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Jan 12 at 19:10 comment added Ben Kelly StaffMod Nice catch! This is the intended behavior and will roll out everywhere as we get each different area migrated. Behind the scenes, we have a highly reusable PostSummary component that will unify all our different implementations. A sub-component of that is a UserCard component, which will also be used when e.g. showing a question. The goal is a single unified implementation used everywhere. Obligatory XKCD
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